Tokenized Real Estate Ecosystem

The mission of the DAX Estate project is to increase confidence in the real estate tokenization, reduce risks and protect the rights of all participants in economic relations of the tokenized properties turnover process. To this end, DAX Estate provides full support for Real Estate Lifecycle and related tokens in one ecosystem, acting as a guarantor and escrow, providing due diligence, monitoring and necessary transparency.

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DAX Estate Solution

For Investors

  • Various Investment Opportunity
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Effective Asset Management
  • Trading of Real Estate Backed Asset

For Developers

  • Token Issuance to rise Funds more Efficiently
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Real Estate Digitization
  • Full Cycle Property Management
  • Listing on Secondary Market Exchanges to provide Liquidity

For Service Providers

  • Complex Ecosystem with Wide Client Base
  • Ability to provide services to developers from all over the world

DAX Estate Consulting Services

Real estate consulting

  • Investment Due Dilligence
  • High-Tech Real Estate Digitization (3D modeling, AR/VR, GIS)
  • Trusted Escrow Provider
  • International and Local Legal Compliance

Blockchain consulting

  • Full Database of People, Processesand Technologies
  • Remote Online Investment
  • Access to Secondary Market

Proptech and fintech market

  1. PropTech
  2. FinTech
  3. Real Estate Tokenization
  4. Real Estate Fintech
  5. DeFi
  6. Collaborative Economy
  7. Smart Real Estate
  8. ConTech

Traditional Real Estate Investor Experience


Investor Broker

1-2% fee

Pension Fund

1% fee

Private Fund

2-20% fee

Real Estate Brokers

1-3% fee

Real Estate

Traditional real estate market challenges

  • Lack of Transparency and Trust
  • Significant Entry Barriers
  • Lack of Control and Monitoring
  • Limited Number of Investment Opportunities
  • Local Market Limitations
  • Low Investment Protection

Real Estate Tokenization Benefits

  • Rise capital more efficiently
  • Increase investments accessibility
  • Blockchain-based Strong KYC-AML Compliance
  • Safe & Secure Operations
  • Real Estate Investments at Cross-border Scale
  • Transparent Interactions between Process Participants

DAX Estate Ecosystem Architecture

Real Estate Tokenization Options

Single asset Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

Title to the real property is assigned to an SPV structure. Tokens represent shares of the SPV. This type of structure is usually available to accredited investors or qualified institutional buyers.

Real estate fund

A private equity fund that invests in a real property portfolio. Tokens represent ownership to shares or units in the fund. Tokenized fund interest is usually available only to accredited investors or qualified institutional buyers.

Project finance

Tokenization can be used as a new mechanism for raising funds for a project. Depending on deal size, tokens may be made available to retail investors as well as accredited investors.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

A REIT operator can create digitized shares in a REIT to take advantage of the technology benefits. Token holders have the same rights to operating income from the REIT that traditional investors have today.

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